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The Good Time To Open Your Pool


It is necessary to figure out when is a good time to open your pool, this will determine the best time people can go pool dipping and enjoy the season. However, there are conditions that you have to consider, one of which is the location of your pool. But, once you have figured out the perfect or most suitable time to open it, there are things or procedures that you have to execute to make sure that your pool will be ready enough to welcome bathers any time of the day.

In this article, we are going to figure out when is a good time to open your pool, as well as procedures that you have to execute to prepare everything and make this season the best one for your bathers. If you are a first-time pool owner, these things are a must to remember, as they can contribute a lot to the success of your pool opening, it would also determine what can happen as bathers dip in your pool until the season ends.

Part 1. When is a Good Time to Open Your Pool?

If you have a commercial pool, the key to having a successful start is researching when is a good time to open your pool. Some factors may have huge impacts such as the location of your pool, and the weather temperatures.

There is a general rule of thumb that you can use as a reference using temperature, it is best to open your pool when the daytime temperature outside is above 21 degrees Celsius, and you must make sure it is consistently above it. It is still actually not a hot temperature to go pool dipping, and for algae, it is not too cold. Once the weather warms up, it can cause algae to start growing in your pool, most especially if you have a mesh pool cover, and your pool water is exposed to the rays of the sun.

The areas where you live or where your pool is located would be the major consideration when choosing when is a good time to open your pool. For areas where the climate is warm, most pool owners prefer an earlier time to open.

On the other hand, it would not also be a good choice to open your pools in spring, during this time pollen can circulate within the area. And if your pool is uncovered or unprotected, these pollens may be present on the surface of your pool. To get control over pollens, they will be moved to the skimmer, and the filter will capture them to prevent your pool from becoming a yellow eyesore.

When opening your pool, there are things that you have to take into consideration, and these were:

1. Algae

When there is a warmer temperature, algae can easily breed in your swimming pool. It would be good to open a little earlier before the warmer season starts. Once there is already growth of algae observed in your pools, to immediately get rid of it, you can conduct pool shock treatment to bring back the pool water to its normal condition quickly.

2. Amount of Money to Spend

Opening a pool would cost you money, and that is a given. This is also the reason why most pool owners hesitate to open their pool at an earlier time. However, since we now have saltwater pools and two-speed motors helping filter systems, it can be said that the electrical and chemical costs are almost insignificant. It can also be possible that once you choose a later time to open your pool, the cost of the chemicals that you have to use to clean the pool can be more costly.

3. The Rule of Nature

Of course, mother nature plays a vital role. It is a must to consider the areas where you live, and the weather conditions in them as well. It is possible that the beginning of seasons will change, so you have to be observant and mindful.


It would always be a great thing to enjoy all the nice things that you have invested in, including your pools! Opening your pool earlier would also mean a longer time for you and your family to have fun water dipping any time of the day! It is great to see that your investment is worth every penny and that your loved ones love it as well.

5. Presence of pollen

As we have said before, once spring day comes, pollen is possibly present everywhere, so you also have to consider it. It would be helpful and controllable if you have great filtering systems, and you have to consider getting one.

Part 2. What Are The Chemicals That You Add First When Opening a Pool?

Once you have already figured out when is a good time to open your pool, the next important thing that you have to know is the procedures to execute when opening one. You have to make sure that you have ideas on the chemicals that you must add at first once you have decided to open your pool. So, what should you do in opening your pools?

  1. Start at your pool cover, be sure that standing water and any form of debris are removed from it.
  2. Once the pool cover is cleaned, you can now fold it properly and keep it in a place safe until you use it again once pool season is off.
  3. Check your pool equipment, once everything is alright start reconnecting everything.
  4. You also have to remove all the winterizing plugs that are in the return lines and skimmer.
  5. Now, you can start refilling your pool water to the normal level.
  6. Open your pump and filtration system.
  7. Start testing chemicals and make sure pool water chemistry is balanced.
  8. If there are dirty areas, proceed to brush and vacuum.
  9. If needed, shock pool water.
  10. Start adding needed chemicals for pool start-up such as clarifier, algae control, enzymes, and a lot more.

So, what are the chemicals that you have to initially add before opening your pool?

1. Sanitizers

This is one of the most important pool chemicals that you have to take note of. These chemicals will work to kill bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses to your bathers. The common types of sanitizers are chlorine, bromine, and iodine.

2. PH Balancers

Aside from sanitizers, pH balancers are also essential. It is a must to make sure that there is chemical balance, and pH plays a vital role in keeping it. They are used to adjust the pH levels of the pool water and must be maintained in the range between 7.2 and 7.6. This is to ensure the effectiveness of chlorine in killing viruses and bacteria. Some of the most known pH balancers are muriatic acid, other acids, as well as bases like soda ash.

Pool PH Level

3. Oxidizers

We also have to make sure that oxidizers are added to pools before opening. They break down organic matter like urine and sweat. Chlorine is also one of the most known oxidizers, and aside from it, there are other ones that you can use like ozone and ultraviolet light.

Initially and all the time, you must keep your pool water chlorinated all the time. You have to always check the level, and make sure it is within the accepted or needed range. Also, shocking your pool once a week is a must to make sure that bacteria and viruses are killed.

Pool Cleaning Granules

Part 3. FAQs

1. Do you Shock the Pool First When Opening?

One of the important things that you have to do before opening your pool is to shock it. This will require you to add high doses of chlorine to be able to kill algae and bacteria that may have prospered or grown during the winter. Before you execute pool shocking, you have to brush the walls of the pool, and floors to remove any buildup of bacteria or algae.

2. What Happens if You Don't Open Your Pool for a Year?

Not opening your pool can be more costly than opening it! If your pool is closed for a long time, it is a must that you drain it, acid wash it, or even replace the liners before opening it once more. There can also be dilemmas in the pool equipment or the pool itself which can be a huge problem upon opening.

3. Should I Shock or Vacuum Pool First?

If you vacuum your pool, debris, and algae will be removed from its floors and walls. And it must be remembered that vacuuming should be done first before shocking your pool water.

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