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Pool Algae: Wise Tips To Get Rid Of It


Everybody who has a pool should know the different ways how to get rid of algae in pool quickly. Because, who wants to dive in a pool where algae live, and that has icky water? I bet, no one wants it. If you own a pool, it is a great thing to figure out ways to make sure your pool water is clean and free from any types of bacteria, parasites, and algae!

In this article, we are going to learn more about your pool getting algae, and how you get rid of it. We are also going to discuss things that you have to know about algae, so things can be easier to deal with.

So, you have to read on to know more about how to get rid of algae in pool quickly.

Part 1. Why Does My Pool Keep Getting Algae?

There could be plenty of reasons why your pool keeps on getting algae. If you do not clean your pool water with chemicals like chlorine often, or you do not have a schedule for treating your pool water, then probably it can have algae.

Algae spores can be found everywhere, and if your pool has a low pH, algae can be probably present in it. This is because, algae love to eat high pH water for their every meal, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner! If you also do not clean your pool water and is stagnant, then the probability of getting algae is high.

There are many possible reasons why your pool has algae, as discussed above if it has unpredictable pH levels, low chlorine levels, poor pool water circulation, and dirty filters, your pool is probably getting algae! It can also be possibly brought by contaminated toys or swimwear used in other pools or bodies of water where algae are present!

And, before we talk about the different possible ways of how to get rid of algae in pool quickly, it will be better to identify the different types of pool algae, these facts will help you deal with algae faster and more effectively!

Part 2. Types of Pool Algae

Algae are part of the plant kingdom that also need water, carbon dioxide, and sun to make their food as they grow or multiply fast. You can find these plants in the walls, ladders, or steps of your pools! You can also see them floating in your pool water, and when you see them, you should get rid of them faster, before they grow exponentially!

But, before we get to know the different ways of how to get rid of algae in pool quickly, it is also useful to identify the different types of pool algae! These algae differ in look, and may also require different ways to get rid of. They also have different growth rates, and some of them are hard to eliminate! We are going to discuss three of the most common types of algae such as the yellow, green, and black algae.

  • The Green Pool Algae

This one is the easiest one to get rid of since it is the most common type one can usually see at a pool. And, if you see these algae floating in your pool water, you have to get rid of them as soon as possible since they spread fast! To easily spot this one, if you see a bright green colored plant floating in your pool water, then it must be it! They will start in a teal color, then go dark, and finally be in black-green!

  • The Yellow Pool Algae

If you observed your pool to have a yellow perimeter on it, then it must be the yellow algae! This one is also called mustard or brown algae. You can rarely find these algae in areas that have a humid climate. If you think, this one can be easier to deal with, well, it can’t be treated using chlorine, you have to do deep cleaning, or you might even need to shock your pool. This type of algae is slow to grow, so you must act immediately before they are too many!

  • The Black Pool Algae

Well, this type of algae is the dark one, and you must get rid of it faster because it is the breeding ground of bacteria that can be harmful to your pool water or to anyone who uses your pool! It can also seep to the concretes of your pool which can later lead to damage in the structural forms of your pool! You can easily spot them, and see them in black dots which are scattered across your pool. There are lots of tricks that you have to do to get rid of these algae, you can also use chemicals for deep cleaning, and might use methods such as chlorination combined with shocking!

Black Green Yellow Pool Algae

Part 3. How to Get Rid of Algae in Pool Quickly?

And now that we have enough ideas about algae, it is now time to figure out how to get rid of algae in pool quickly! In this part of the article, you might find something that will help you clean algae as soon as possible! If you encounter algae in your pools, you have to act swiftly! Also, it is better to prevent it, than regret it later! So, how to get rid of algae in pool quickly?

To remove green algae from your pool water, you have to do the steps, below.

  • Step 1. To begin, you have to initially test and balance the chemical levels of your pool through the use of test kits for the pool.
  • Step 2. To boost any chlorine residues that are still in your pool, you have to add pool shock.

  • Step 3. Since green algae is easier to clean, you can get a brush to clean all the surfaces where you can see the green algae has developed. Check the pool steps and walls as well.
  • Step 4. Make sure to remove even the dead algae, you can do backwashing or vacuuming.
  • Step 5. Get the algaecide that you must use to clean your pools, and make sure to follow the labels accordingly.
  • Step 6. You have to let the pool water circulate for 24 hours, and then you can begin brushing all the surfaces of your pool, once again.
  • Step 7. To finish the cleaning, you need to backwash or vacuum once more to make sure that there are no algae left on your pool.

How To Generally Remove Algae In Your Pool

  • 1. Check the levels of the water before you start. You have to use the proper test kit to properly detect the chlorine and pH levels of your pool water.
  • 2. Clean pool filter.
  • 3. You need to brush the walls, and surfaces of the pool.
  • 4. Start shocking the pool.
  • 5. Check the pH and chlorine levels of the pool water.
  • 6. You need to add the corresponding algaecide and make sure that you follow the instructions on the label.
  • 7. Start brushing pool surfaces once more.
  • 8. Vacuum your pool to remove any dirt that remains.
  • 9. Start running the filter until you notice that the water is clear, you can also add some water clarifier.
  • 10. Once you are done shocking and brushing the pool, the filter can be clogged by algae. Clean the filter once more, and if you need to replace it, you can also do so.

Part 4. FAQ

1. How to Remove Algae from Pool without a Vacuum?

If you do not have a vacuum to clean your pools, there are still ways that you can do it. We have also discussed from the previous part of the article how to get rid of algae in pool quickly, you can use that as a reference. You can also try to clean the filters, brush the surfaces of the pool, and use a shock treatment.

2. How to Get Rid of Algae in Pool without Chemicals

In case you do not have any chemicals to use to clean your pools and finally get rid of algae, you can use natural home remedies to do the job! You can use Orenda water treatment, salt, sonic wave cleaner, ultraviolet light, or the ionic pool cleaner.

3. Should I Shock or Algaecide first in the Pool?

It is good to know that algaecide must be used after you are done with shock treatment. This would be a better option to see your chlorine do its magic. So, you should be sure to shock your pool first, and once the levels of chlorine return to normal, you can now add the right amount of algaecide around your pool and make sure your pump is running.

4. Why do I still have Algae in My Pool after Shocking it?

It is a must to know that algae can still keep on even after shocking your pool. You should also make sure that your pool pump is properly circulating water, or that there is no issue on your filtering system to avoid the same dilemma over again. Another possible factor could be inadequate pH and alkalinity levels in the pool, disrupting the efficacy of the shock treatment.

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