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What Do You Need To Do When Pool Is Still Green After Shock?


There are first-time pool owners who would be puzzled to see that the pool still green after shock, they would even worry if there are wrong procedures executed during pool shock. Some would be happy to see that algae are finally gone after shock, however, will then be disappointed to see a green pool. This is more disappointing if you have already done everything such as balancing water chemicals, adding algaecide, and a lot more, and yet the pool is still green. You must be asking what can be so wrong in the procedures taken, and if there is a thing that you can do to fix it.

You may be looking for answers since the situation can be frustrating and can be a little tiring especially if you have done everything in your power to clean it off and return the pool to its clear color. Well, you are in the right post, we are going to discuss the reasons why it happens, as well as things to do to fix everything and bring back your pool to its beautiful color. So, why is pool still green after shock?

Add the Shock to Pool

Part 1. Why is Your Pool Still Green After Shock?

As a responsible pool owner, there are things that you have to execute to maintain a clear pool. If the pool still green after shock, there are possible factors and reasons for it. By identifying the reasons and factors, it would be easier for anyone to devise fixes that could help wash away the greenness and finally get a clear, and healthy pool. Let us see the list of possible factors, below.

1. The Water Shock Treatment Conducted is Weak.

Even if you have conducted shocking, and the pool is still green, the fact that the process is done improperly can be a huge factor. The pool may be under-shocked, or the used shock has already expired. In pool shocking, the general rule of thumb which is to use one pound of pool shock for 10,000 gallons of water must be remembered. On the other hand, it is recommended to put more shock in case there is a severe algae infestation. A stronger dose is needed to effectively kill algae. You might need to double it or triple it sometimes. When shocking your pool, the most recommended time to do it is at night, since the sun’s UV rays can break apart chlorine molecules which can cause shocking to be useless. It would also take you quite many tries to make sure that algae would clean up and water would be completely cleared.

Pool Cleaning Granules

2. The Amount of Metals

There are also cases where pool water has high values of metals like copper, this could cause the water to turn green immediately after pool shock. The main reason for this is that some metals oxidize once exposed to huge amounts of chlorine. To make sure that levels of chemicals are not too high before pool shock, it is best to conduct level testing. Once it has been confirmed to be the reason, the pool owner can use a chelating agent or a metal remover to get rid of any metal traces before executing another pool shock.

3. There is an Overload of Phosphate.

It must be noted that it would not be good if there is too many phosphates present in the pool water. There is a specific level to be remembered, and it is to keep it under 500 parts per billion or ppb. Once there are too many phosphates in your pool water, algae will feed on them, since they thrive on phosphate. Once algae are well nourished, it will be harder to remove.

4. The Water Circulation of Your Pool is Too Poor.

Another great factor as to why pool still green after shock is poor water circulation. The filtering and circulation systems of a pool are its heart, so they must optimally run. This is where also good shocking results will depend on since these systems will be responsible for distributing the shock all over the pool’s surface effectively. Some pool filters may need immediate backwashing especially if they are too dirty, or full of debris. In case you have encountered problems in your filter systems, you can let a professional execute checking to be able to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

5. Overuse of Algaecide.

We all know that algaecides will help us prevent the growth of algae, however, once it is overused, it can also cause harm. Since there are algaecides that are copper-based, and based on what we have mentioned before, they can oxidize when there is also chlorine which will turn your pool water to green. Always make sure to read the labels for prescriptions or to be able to check the amount that you have to use, you can also need to use metal-free algaecides.

6. Water Chemistry Levels are Not Appropriate.

It is always important to check the chemistry levels of your pool water. It is important to take note that shocking is most harnessed and effective when the range of pH is between 7.2 and 7.6. Once the pH is too high or too low, shock cannot be that effective, and this is why it can be one of the reasons why the pool still green after shock.

Part 2. What Are The Basic Chemical Requirements To Maintain A Clear Pool Water?

There are important levels that must be remembered to maintain a clear pool of water. These chemical requirements will help once checked from time to time.

1. Total Alkalinity

The recommended range of total alkalinity must be in between 80 and 120 ppm, once it has become higher than 120 ppm, it can cause an increase in pH level.

2. pH Level

For the normal range of pH level in pools, it should be in the range between 7.4 and 7.6. Once you shock the pool when there is a high pH, your pool will be too cloudy.

3. Free Chlorine Level

It is also a must to make sure that your pool water has sufficient levels of free chlorine, once free chlorine is enough, algae will be prevented, and having a green pool will be avoided.

Pool Water Level

Part 3. How To Avoid Getting A Green Pool?

No pool owner would want to have a green pool again, so you have to make sure that you have enough knowledge to avoid getting it again! But it is best to always remember that having it prevented is better than fixing it! So, what do you have to do?

1. Get a really Good Pool Cover!

Investing in a good pool cover would help in the prevention of getting a green pool! Also, if you do not have one, and you have an outdoor pool, you have to get one! If you use proper pool covers, it can help you turn away all the debris and unwanted dirt that can be brought by the surroundings where your pool is located. It can also help you reduce water loss and reduce the amount of evaporation. Well, getting a really good pool clever is cheaper than dealing with lots of chemical costs, thus helping you save money as well.

2. Use UV light.

It is also advised to use UV light to technically deal with the prevention of algae infestation. These days, you can get an ultraviolet pool sanitizer. As a reference, UV rays can help disrupt the formation of the single-cell DNA which is present in algae and bacteria, which is why it can be an effective algae and bacteria killer.

These are only some of the ways to avoid getting a green pool, on the other hand, it would also be helpful to be strict on what do bathers wear in your pool. Swimmers must wear proper swimming gear, and to do shower before getting to that good pool dip! If there are dirty swimming attire or unwashed hair and skin, traces of all kinds of bacteria will be left on the pool water. So you have to make sure that you have really strict rules when it comes to these things.

Part 4. FAQs

1. How Long Should You Let Your Filter Run after Shocking?

It is recommended to run the filter for a minimum of 8 hours after pool shock, and you have to run it for a maximum of 24 to 48 hours to make sure that added chemicals in pool water will be able to circulate and be off work effectively.

2. What would Happen to My Pool if I did not Add Chlorine?

Your pool will turn green if you do not add chlorine to it. Sanitizers like chlorine are needed to be present in your pools to kill all the bacteria and viruses and get rid of algae growth as well.

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