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The Dos And Don’ts In Using Chlorine Tablets


Whilst, chlorine tablets can be a great companion in keeping your pool clean and healthy, there are chlorine tablets dos and don’ts that must also be considered before utilizing one. Anything that you use, comes with a proper way of utilization, this will make sure that everything falls right into its place leaving very effective and satisfying results.

Chlorine tablets will make your pools not just clean to look at but also clean to swim in. No matter how much we clean the surface of the pool water, there can still be contaminants and micro bacteria filling it, making the presence of chlorine tablets needed.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different chlorine tablets dos and don’ts, and the measures that we have to consider in using these tablets. So, if you are a pool owner, and you want to learn more, you have to finish this post by the very end.


Part 1. What Are the Dos in Using Chlorine Tablets?

To start this article right, let us begin talking about the dos of using chlorine tablets. These pointers will provide you with a better guide when it comes to chlorine tablets, making sure not to misuse them.

No. 1. Use a Floater or Chlorinator

When it comes to utilizing chlorine tablets, it is likely recommended to use a floater or chlorinator. To automatically release chlorine into your pool water based on the rate that you will set; you need a chlorinator. You can see a setting intended to adjust some factors that can be brought about by situations before and during the dispersing of the chlorine.

On the other hand, a floater which has also the same concept is a plastic vessel that can be able to hold the chlorine tablets you have and floats at the surface of the pool. You can also adjust some settings in case you want to increase or lessen the amount of chlorine being released in your pool water.

No. 2. Frequently Check your Floater or Chlorinator

As part of the weekly maintenance of your pool, it is also necessary that you add chlorine tablets to the floater or chlorinator every week. Also, you need to see the floater and chlorinator once a week or every time that you add chemicals to your pool. Once you see either of them empty, then you must add the right number of tablets as needed.

No. 3. One 3-inch Chlorine Tablet per 10,000 Gallons of Water

In adding chlorine tablets to your pool, another important factor that you have to consider is the right number of chlorine tablets that you are putting on it. You should also always remember that it is not right to depend on the chlorine tablets to determine your chlorine level reading. To easily determine the number of tablets to use, shocking the pool water weekly can be a huge help.

It can also help you make sure that you are maintaining the right level of chlorine that your pool water must have. If you have a good grasp of all these dos in applying or putting chlorine tablets into your pool, then you can maintain your pool for a longer time with not much worry to think of.

Part 2. The Don’ts In Using Chlorine Tablets

Of course, there are also factors and things that you need to be aware of in using chlorine tablets. Now that we are finally done with the dos, let us now discuss and talk about the don’ts. The below, are the don’ts in using chlorine tablets.

No. 1. Do Not Put your Chlorine Tablets in the Skimmer.

Never try to add your chlorine tablets to your pool pump, or skimmer. The filter and the pump are two different things that can contribute to the cleanliness and health of your pool. Once you try to dissolve the chlorine tablets in a skimmer, it is highly possible to produce highly acidic water. And once this highly acidic water is produced, it can go straight to your pool’s filter and start damaging its internal parts. And once damaged, you have to replace the compromised internal parts to maintain all the natural cycles.


No. 2. Do Not Rely on the Chlorine Tablets in Making a Chlorine Reading.

You should never base the chlorine reading on the chlorine tablets that you add to your pool. By doing so, it is highly possible to obtain a higher reading which can lead to your pool water being acidic. Having acidic pool water can lead to a lot of pool issues, which are general damages that can halter the cycle of the pool. It is a must to remember that adding chlorine tablets to your pool water is just a helping procedure and to maintain good chlorine reading, you can shock your pool every week.

No. 3. Do not Add Many Chlorine Tablets to your Chlorinator.

Whilst, putting a lot of chlorine tablets in your chlorinator or floater can lessen anyone’s workload, it should not be done! Adding way too many chlorine tablets to your floater or chlorinator may lead to overusing these tablets and cause high water pH. Never fill your chlorinators or floaters tablets to the top to avoid having acidic water. In case this happens, users of the pool may experience itchy skin, and burning of eyes, and may also contribute to the early degradation of your pool equipment. You just have to remember that it is already effective to use one 3-inch tablet of chlorine for every 10, 000 gallons of water!

And there you are! These are the chlorine tablets dos and don’ts that must be remembered in case you have to utilize any number of them in the future. These pointers will not just save you time, and energy, it can also help you save money while making sure that your pool water is healthy as well as your pool.

Part 3. Why Should You Use Chlorine Tablets?

There are plenty of reasons why it is recommended to use chlorine tablets when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and safety of our pool water. And now that we have enough idea about the chlorine tablets dos and don’ts, let us get to the advantages of using it, below.

  1. They are easy to use and lightweight. It is easier to calculate the right amount of chlorine chemical to use for your pool in tablets rather than using liquid chlorine.
  2. There is a lower chance that over-chlorination will occur, spilling and deficit in the amount can also be gotten rid of since tablets can release chlorine at a rate that is steadier compared to when you are using the granulated or liquid forms of it
  3. Chlorine tablets have a longer shelf life compared to granulated or liquid forms of it. Once stored well and properly, they can last up to five years. On the other hand, liquid chlorine can only last a week, and it will eventually be ineffective afterward. So, as a result, it can’t be stored, and you also have to buy it every time you are going to use it which can be a hassle for many pool owners.
  4. Chlorine tablets are affordable! They can cost more compared to granular and liquid forms, but they have higher chlorine concentrations. They also last long, can’t be spilled, and can be stored for a longer time! So, in the long run, they can be seen as a lot more affordable than any other form of chlorine.
  5. Chlorine tablets are also more stabilized since it has cyanuric acid. CYA reduces the evaporation of chlorine which can lead to a longer time of sanitation.

These are only some of the reasons why it is better to use chlorine tablets than any form of chlorine in maintaining the cleanliness and health of your pools! It can be a reliable partner for lots of pool owners, especially for those who have a pool for livelihood.

Part 4. To Summarize It All

There are things that you have to remember and consider in cleaning your pools and using chlorine tablets. Remembering all these chlorine tablets dos and don’ts can help you bring out the best in your chlorine tablet, and make use of all its advantages to the fullest! It is always important to take note of these pointers when it comes to your pools! We hope that we have helped you learn all that you have to remember and be mindful of when using chlorine tablets because every individual deserves a clean and healthy pool.

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