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Getting To Know How Many Chlorine Tablets for Pool


In this article, we will talk about chlorine tablets, and how many chlorine tablets for pool should we use to ensure that every pool is safe to swim into! We are going to know lots of facts about chlorine tablets which could be of great use when it comes to maintaining our swimming pools!

Swimming pools can be cleaned in plenty of ways, one of the most convenient and effective amongst these ways is through the use of chlorine tablets. Most of us do not have any idea about these tablets or of how many chlorine tablets for pool should we use to keep the pool water healthy and safe for skins and other parts of the human’s body.

If you are already thrilled to know facts that will save your pools let us start!

Part 1. What Are Chlorine Tablets?

If you are the type of person who does not want to swim in a dirty pool with lots of bacteria that you cannot see with your bare eyes, then chlorine tablets are for you! This is how you maintain the cleanliness of your pools without actually breaking the budget and without the use of harmful chemicals which may affect skins of users. In addition to it, these tablets will also help you maintain a clear and healthy water. You do not have to worry about any algae infestation, or presence of any bacteria or parasites with its help. But, how many chlorine tablets for pool should we use to make it really safe and effective? Well, we are going to know more as we dig deeper with facts in this post!

For the meantime, let us know more about the best chlorine tablet that we should use in cleaning our pools, or is there any difference in between brands?

Actually, no matter what brand we use almost all chlorine tablets have the same ingredients, so there isn’t any huge difference across brands. You should just be careful in choosing the size of the tablets based on your reference, for example a 1-inch chlorine tablets and a 3-inch chlorine tablet. Also, it is a must to make sure that these chlorine tablets are well-packed and are in secured containers.

If you have a pool that has 5, 000 gallons of pool water, you should be using a 3-inch tablet, on the other hand if you have an above ground pool or a smaller inground 1-inch chlorine tablets may suffice.

Part 2. How Many Chlorine Tablets For Pool?

Now that we may have few ideas on chlorine tablets, we should get to figure out how many chlorine tablets for pool should we use in maintaining it clean.

There are different volumes of pool water depending on how large your pool is, and this must be our basis in telling how many chlorine tablets for pool one should use. As we have discussed above, there are 1-inch and 3-inch chlorine tablets, and the smaller one is useful for smaller pools while the other hand takes longer time to dissolve, which means it last longer and may help the chlorine levels be stabilized as time goes by. The slow stabilization of chlorine with respect to time is actually a good thing.

The levels of chlorine that you inject in your pools actually poses a huge impact on the lifespan of tools and the water inside your pool. Low levels of chlorine in pools may lead you to possible algae infestation, and may encourage the presence of bacteria and parasites.

It is needed that you calculate how many chlorine tablets for pool should you use depending on the volume of pool water that you are going to out in your pools. Once you have properly determined the right volume of water that you should be fitting your pool, then you can proceed in the calculation of how many chlorine tablets for pool should you use.

To start the calculation, it is the rule of thumb that a one 3 inch chlorine tablet should be used for every 5000 gallons of pool water, and to continue the calculation, let us see the corresponding number of chlorine tablets per gallon below:

Volume of Pool Water (Gallons)

Number of 3-inch Chlorine Water (Pc)









And if you have small pools, you can use the 1-inch chlorine tablet, the rule of thumb that you must follow for this one is, for every 300 gallons of pool water, you should use one 1-inch tablet of chlorine water.

Getting to figure out how many chlorine tablets for pool should you use is really necessary if you want to maintain the sanitation and cleanliness of the pools you use. By following these measurements, the life span of the pool water may last longer and it may also lessen users’ worry of any presence of bacteria or parasites in the pool water.

Part 3. When Should I Put Chlorine Tablets In My Pool?

After getting to identify how many chlorine tablets for pools should we use, in order to make the dosage effective, we must also know the right time to put them in pools! Yes, talking about right timing, it is! In order to know, we should always monitor the level of chlorine in our pool water, which is normally in the range of 1 to 3 ppm, and if we are talking about hot tubs, it is between 3 and 5 ppm. If the chlorine levels are already lower than the requirements, then you should be putting chlorine tablets on your pool.

In case that you do not know the chlorine levels, and you do not have any means to measure it, you can consider on how much time does it take for chlorine tablets to dissolve which is between 3 and 5 days. By analyzing, you can have a routine of adding chlorine tablets on your pools at least once every week.

Part 4. Methods To Add Chlorine Tablets To Your Pool?

We have learned a lot about chlorine tablets in the previous parts of our article above, and it is also necessary to know the methods or equipment that we can use to add chlorine tablets in our pools. You should not just throw chlorine tablets on your pool; this may lead to the uneven distribution of chlorine and may also lead to damaging surface materials as tablet may settle on your pool’s bottom surface. The right thing to do is to identify the tools or equipment to use in order to make the distribution of chlorine even, and make sure its effectiveness.

You can choose between an automatic chlorinator or a floating chlorine dispenser. The use of an automatic chlorine dispenser is one of the best ways to apply chlorine tablets. If you have lots of things to do, and may not have enough time to clean your pool, this can be a good partner, just make sure that before leaving, you have already set up the amount of chlorine it should release.

On the other hand, a floating chlorine dispenser is one of the simplest devices that you can use. You just have to use tiny plastic floaters, put the tablets inside it, and let it do its magic! The disadvantage of using it, especially on large pools is, it may be stuck in a corner, and may lead to the uneven distribution of chlorine and may also lead to corrosion, and even stains especially in places where you have installed it. But if you have a little budget and a small kids pool, this can be enough.

Part 5. FAQ

1. Do I Need to Shock My Pool if I Use Chlorine Tablets?

The use of tablets in your pools is to gradually ingest chlorine unto it as time runs. The use of shock in its application may fasten and may result to the rapid releasing of chlorine in the pool water, but is not necessary. On the other hand, it can be suggested that a pool shock treatment must be used once a week or once every other week in order to make a resetting of your whole pool. This will also help in the elimination of the possible presence of chloramines that can be built up in the water as time goes by.

2. How Many Chlorine Tablets for 15000 Gallons?

If you have 15000 gallons of pool water, the number of tablets that you should be using are three 3-inch chlorine tablets. This is based on a rule of thumb of using one 3-inch chlorine tablet for every 5000 gallons of pool water.

3. What Happens if I Put Too Many Chlorine Tablets in My Pool?

If there are lots of chlorine injected in your pools, it can cause eye and skin irritation, and may also lead to the damaging of your pool’s equipment, which may bring effects to the pH levels of your pool water as well.

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