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Learning How To Get Pollen Out Of Your Pool


It would be so nice to wake up in the morning breeze at your pool. But as you look closer, it might happen that you observed some little yellow substances floating on it, well it is pollen, it would be so bothersome to see pollen floating at the surface of your pool. While you think it is a simple problem, well, you would realize how important it is to figure out how to get pollen out of pool when they become too many. Also, having too many pollens in your water is unavoidable, especially if your pool is in a very green environment with plants and flower-bearing plants all over. This is also unavoidable if you would like to keep your pool uncovered for some time.

As a responsible pool owner, it would be nice always to keep your pool water clear, clean, and healthy. It also reflects the type of personality you have as an owner. In this article, we will discuss the different things you can do about how to get pollen out of pool, making your pool look nice and shine clean from the inside and the outside.

Get Pollen Out of Pool

Part 1. How To Get Pollen Out Of Pool?

When it seems a little problem, well we do not know how far or worse it can get as time goes on, so it is better to learn ideas about how to get pollen out of pool as soon as possible. As we also go through the article, we are going to talk about why it is important to get the pollen out of the pool water immediately. All the procedures that we are about to share below cannot be always applied, and the severity of the situation must always be considered. So it is advised to study all the basic solutions that you can execute and move on with more complicated solutions in case the issue has not been solved or persists.

1. You Can Start with Skimming.

Based on pool experts, the first thing that is suggested for you to do is to skim your pool. Since pollen will float at the surface of your pool water, it would be easier to skim the top surface of your pool water to hopefully get rid a bulk quantity of pollen. Well, pollens are not like algae and other huge debris that can grow in the water or can quickly settle on the side and bottom parts of the pool. You have to carefully choose the type of skimmer that you will use, and since we are discussing how to get pollen out of pool, the use of a mesh skimmer is recommended. Regular pool skimmers have holes that are too big and may not catch pollen since they are too small. You have to observe how much pollen your pool acquires, and your skimming schedule must depend on it. In case there is too much pollen, you are advised to skim 2 to 3 times daily.

Clean Pool with Skimming

2. Secondly, Do Brushing.

Well, this one is optional, but there is no harm if you will do it next. In case there are still pollens seen at the surface of the pool, you can also do brushing. In case some have settled before or after skimming and were seen at the sides of your pool, you can brush to be able to loosen particles before you continue cleaning. This will also help your filter from doing excessive work.

Brush the Pool

3. Make Your Filter Run.

Once you are done with skimming and brushing, now it is time that your pool’s equipment does its job. If you have installed a filter of superb quality, it must be able to trap pollen particles that are as small as 10 microns. Also, if you run your filter regularly, it can capture pollen as well as other debris in your pool water. It must also be ensured that your pool’s filter is clean and functioning well. You can keep your pool pump running for extended periods, which is 8 to 12 hours ideally per day. This will help circulate water and may also help you deal with pollen filtration. It is also important to keep your pool’s filter running to prevent the presence of algae.

4. Shock your pool.

Shocking your pool has lots of benefits. Once your filter is done with its job, the next thing that you have to secure is the cleanliness of your pool. Once you are successful in removing the pollen from your pool, you now have to think of preventive procedures to always keep your pool clean and healthy. In case you can still some pollen at the surface of your pool, it is recommended that you perform pool shocking. Through the process of pool shocking, oxidizers and chlorine can be able to break down pollen which will make it easier to filter. It is advised that you perform pool shocking at night when the sun is already down. When there is a lack of sunlight, chlorine will be saved from leaving your pool water. Once the pool shocking process is finally done, you can now start running the filter once more to be able to get rid of other debris present in your pool.

5. Do Something to Prevent it.

Whilst, the steps or procedures on how to get pollen out of pool are really easy, they can still be bothersome. So, you have to make sure that you have exerted your full effort to be able to avoid it. If your pool is located outdoors, where there are lots of trees and flowering plants, you have to make sure that you invest in a nice pool cover. Also, as part of your maintenance routine, it would be better to start trimming and cutting overgrown branches that could be seen getting near the surface of your pool.

And there you are! These are only some of the things that you can do about how to get pollen out of pool. You can still look for other effective precautions to make sure that pollen will not be a huge problem for your pool as time goes on!

Part 2. Why Do You Have To Get Rid Of The Pollen In Your Pool?

Well, it does not mean that when your pool is located in areas where there are no trees pollen can be avoided, it is everywhere, and who knows your neighbors might have it and they may end up being in your pool. The best advice any pool experts can give new pool owners is to not disregard it, and take action as early as possible.

Pollen is not an accessory for your pool, and it must not have them. Since they are included in the organic matter category, they can start using up all the sanitizers your pool has. And when there are not enough sanitizers in your pool, algae infestation is likely to happen. Also, if you do not remove them in your skimmers and filters, they may end up clogging both which is not healthy since larger debris can’t be filtered out and as a result may go back to your water as organic matter. Once there is lots of organic debris present at the surface of your pool, it can turn your pool to being dirty. So, when suddenly blue pool water turns green overnight, you have to take action!

Also, when there is too much pollen, chlorine can be used up, and when there are low levels of chlorine in your pool, algae will thrive on it. When there are algae present in your pool water, you can observe a yellow or green tint which can make your pool look unpleasant. When there is too much pollen in your pool water, it will also mean more work to be able to clear it all up, and more possibilities that pool equipment can be used up causing damage and overworking.

Part 3. To Summarize It All

We have learned that it is not difficult to clear out possible pollen infestation in pools. However, it could also require you to execute so much work, and time. It may also pose damage and harm to your pool’s equipment if not controlled at its early stage. It is a nice thing that fixes on how to get pollen out of pool are discussed here, helping pool owners deal with the dilemma. On the other hand, investing on a nice pool cover can be the key to keeping pollens out of the surface of your pool. You also have to visit your pool all the time to ensure that it is far from being damaged by too much pollen in case your pool is near areas where pollens are evident. After all, being a responsible pool owner will save your pool at the end of the day!

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