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Getting To Know Ideas To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Crystal Clear


As a hot tub owner, who does not want crystal-clear water? Well, it is one of the major goals of every owner, to keep a clean hot tub water where anyone is safe to relax and stay for as long as they want.

If you are a hot tub owner, you may be asking the same question, over and over again. Of course, no one wants to swim in a cloudy hot tub of water. One of the common problems hot tub pool owners deal with is how quickly tub water can lose its clarity, in just a matter of a few hours water can turn from being crystal clear to hazy or cloudy in form.

Well, there can be many ways how do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear, and we are going to discuss these methods or ways as we go along the whole article, below.

Part 1. Why Does My Hot Tub Water Get Cloudy?

Before we make sure that we get to know the best ways possible in keeping hot tub water clean or getting great answers to the question, how do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear, we should identify the reasons why such a dilemma happens, first.

By identifying the root cause, the deviation of possible solutions can be easier, and more and more people could understand it especially those who are first-timers in getting a hot tub. So, what can be the reason hot tub water gets cloudy?

One of the main reasons you notice hazy or milky-like water is because of particles already suspended in the hot tub water. Such particles can already be too hard to notice and even get since they are too small, they can even pass through the filter, or stay suspended at the bottom part of the tub. These small particles can be different substances collated due to different people who used the tub. It can be:

  • Organic debris
  • Algae that were already dead
  • Body oil, lotion, and cosmetics from people using the tub
  • They can also be matters that are already insoluble to water

The bather introduces all the said substances or chemicals. And since some hot tubs can be smaller than normal commercial pools, water can be easily infused by insoluble particles that can make it cloudy or hazy. The said situation can always happen if the tub is frequently used, and the sanitizer you are using is not that effective.

Why Can’t My Filter Clear The Water?

Of course, if you have invested in a great filter, you may expect it to have it clear the particles that are present in your tub. However, these particles can be too small for your filter to collect all of them. Usually, these particles pass through your filter and come back to the water after some time. The usual size range of particles that a filer can remove is from 5 to 10 microns in diameter.

Also, most hot tubs are made with bypass plumbing to its filter which means that it is usual that water will only pass by the filtering system. This is designed to make sure that no damage is incurred even if the filter is blocked, and water can be able to circulate freely.

Part 2. How Do I Make My Hot Tub Water Crystal Clear?

Now, to be able to answer, “How do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear, we have listed things that a hot tub owner can try to do! Once all of these practices are kept in check, and monitored properly, the possibility of having cloudy or hazy hot tub water is less likely to happen. Let us see these tips, below.

1. Check Chemical Levels Regularly

One of the main things to keep in check is the chemical balance. It is a must to make sure that everything is in order and needed levels are also reached. By keeping the water chemistry, it is easier to track down the next steps in case some things go wrong. These are the chemical points to take note of.

  • pH- the pH level must be in the range of 7.4 and 7.6.
  • Alkalinity- the normal range of alkalinity must be between 100 and 150 ppm.
  • Sanitizer- there can be different types of sanitizers to use, one is chlorine which must be between 3 and 5 ppm, or you can also use bromine at the range of 4 and 6 ppm.

It is safe to take note that having a low level of sanitizers can lead to hazy or cloudy water, this is because there is nothing to fight with different organic matters that are being introduced to the hot tub water.

2. Shock Treatment

Another way to keep your hot tub water crystal clear is to do shocking treatment as needed. If you have determined that minerals make your water cloudy, then shocking your hot tub may help. Always remember that if your hot tub is used to utilizing different minerals or a chlorine sanitizer, non-chlorine shock or powdered chlorine must be used. The process of shocking your hot tub will kill all the bacteria on it. To make sure that the shocking process will be effective, check and follow all the instructions for the products that you are going to use. For your reference, here are some of the things that you have to check.

  • For non-chlorine shock- you have to add 20 grams per 1000 liters of water, also remove the cover of your tub. You need to allow it to circulate for an hour to achieve the effect that you want.
  • Bromine granules- you need to increase your bromine level to 20 ppm and then make sure to allow circulation with the cover off.
  • Chlorine granules- make sure to increase the chlorine level to 20 ppm and allow it to circulate as well with the cover-off.

3. Clean and then change the filters as needed.

One of the most overlooked factors in hot tub waters is the filters. It is needed to always keep in mind that filters need regular cleaning. Once these filters are blocked, they cannot be able to perform their job well. It is also needed that rinse them regularly and treat them with filter cleaner to remove greases and oils. If you have new filters, you need to fit every 6 to 12 months.

4. It is needed to use a water clarifier or algaecide

If you are looking for a specialty water treatment, use a water clarifier. It coagulates small particles in the hot tub water which transforms cloudy water into large particles. Once they are made into large particles, the filter can be able to get them and finally remove them from your hot tub water. Before preparing to use the clarifier, you have to make sure that your filters are cleaned and free from any debris, so they can be able to catch extra debris that is still staying in your hot tub water.

On the other hand, the use of algaecide will make sure that algae won’t form in your water, it can also prevent growth, and it should be used first before the clarifier. In case nothing helps out, and the water remains easily cloudy or hazy, you can just drain and then start refilling the hot tub once more.

Part 3. How To Prevent Getting Cloudy Water In My Hot Tub?

Wherever you may be, prevention will always be better than cure. There are lots of things that you can do to prevent getting hazy or cloudy water in your hot tub! This could also be the best answer to your question, how do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear, here are some points to remember to prevent cloudy water in your tubs!

  • Always check your filters!

As we always say, filters are everything in a pool and so in a hot tub! Always check your filter so can remove the dirt out of it immediately! It can also help prevent scale or slimy substances from forming! No one wants to swim in a slimy tub! It is a requirement that you perform hot tub maintenance, and do not forget to check the filter all the time!

  • Follow your maintenance schedule!

One of the keys to getting a sparkly clean hot tub water is to get a maintenance schedule and follow it as part of the routine practices.

  • Always use clean, fresh, and filtered water.

The key to preventing milky water in your hot tub is by filling it with clean and filtered water. To do it, you can use a hose pre-filter which will help you to keep your hot tub water clean once you fill it with water.

  • Keep the chemical balance in check.

In any pool, chemical balance is important. All the levels must be checked and must ensure that within the needed level. If you are proactive, and balance the chemicals in the tub as needed as possible, cloudy or hazy water will surely be prevented.

PH Level

  • Drain the water in the tub, and replace it as needed.

You should change the water from your hot tub every three months, then start cleaning the tub before refilling it once more.

  • Use a hot tub cover.

To prevent organic chemicals from being introduced to your hot tub water, you can use a hot tub cover. Also, it is a protection from potential falling of debris or natural contaminants that can affect the clarity of your hot tub pool.

These are only some of the prevention tips that you can take into mind before getting a hot tub! Once all these reminders are taken into heart, sparkly clean water is not difficult to achieve! This is the best answer to your question, how do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear, this is also easy, and it can ensure that a clean and healthy hot tub water will be achieved! Once everything is done, and kept in check, you can swim, relax, and stay in your hot tubs for as long as you want!

Part 4. FAQs

1. What Happens if You Put Too Much Shock in a Hot Tub?

Once too much shock is put into your hot tub, it could result in rust, and pool components such as the igniter, impeller, and many others can lead to corrosion. As a result, repairs may take time and can be costly as well. It can also break gaskets, and seals that are usually found in the equipment running your hot tubs.

2. Why is My Spa Water Still Cloudy After Shock?

Well, after shock you may still see that your water is cloudy. It is because of the body oils, lotions, makeup, sweat, and other dirt that have been washed in your hot tub. It is essential to know that shocking does not work well with oily things, the process of shocking may have trouble breaking down oily things! And as a result, it can still make your hot tub cloudy even after the shocking procedure.

3. How Many Times a Week Should I Shock My Hot Tub?

Well, the number of times that you have to check your hot tubs depends on how frequently you use them. If you use it most of your days, the shocking must be done once a week. In case of multiple uses a week, you have to shock it two times a week. You must understand the contents of the chemical that you are using, as this can also be related on the frequency when shocking must be done.

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