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Can I Shock Pool after Adding Baking Soda?


There are many pool owners everywhere, and each of them might have different questions about pools such as, can I shock pool after adding baking soda, and a lot more. While pool shocking is a critical task pool owners must execute, the previous question is also as important.

In this article, we are going to figure out answers to the question and discuss more about baking soda and all the other important things about it that a pool owner must muster. This will help pool owners, especially those new ones, get a clearer vision of the use of baking soda, and all the other factors and considerations that must be considered while utilizing it, so let us start!

Part 1. Why Should You Add Baking Soda In Your Pools As Part Of Its Maintenance?

There are important factors on why baking soda should be added to the regular maintenance schedules of pools. Well, baking soda can be used in so many things, especially when it comes to cleaning, and this is why it is considered a very versatile product. It can also be used as a mild deodorizer, an oxidizer that can remove dirt, and a scouring agent as well.

Baking soda is also called sodium bicarbonate which is an agent that can be utilized by pool owners to be able to raise the level of pH and the alkalinity of the pool as well. On the other hand, there are lots of things that you have to know about baking soda, this will help properly regulate the chemicals in the pool that will be reacting to it.

One of the main questions new pool owners have been asking is, can I shock pool after adding baking soda to it? Well, we are going to figure out possible answers to this question, as we go along the article.

Part 2. Can I Shock Pool after Adding Baking Soda?

So, let us start answering your question, can I shock pool after adding baking soda to it? Well, yes, it is possible. It is safe to shock your pool even if you have just added baking soda to it. There are good effects of it such as balancing out the pH levels of the pool since baking soda has an alkaline nature.

But if you want to be sure, you can add the baking soda first, make sure it is well spread all around the perimeter of your pool, and you should let your pump circulate pool water and filter it for about five to six hours. Once you have noticed that the baking soda is well dissolved and your pool does not have any signs of cloudiness, you can finally test your pool water. Once results are within expected ranges, you can now start adding pool shock to your pool. It is preferred to add pool shock once the sun has completely set. Then make sure that your pool pump and filter are running for the next 24 hours. You can then proceed to test your pool water to check your balance. In case some levels are out of the required ranges, you have to adjust accordingly.

For 10,000 gallons of pool water, 1.5 pounds of baking soda must be added to be able to raise the pH by 10 ppm. And if you want to reach 100 ppm alkalinity, you have to add around 15 pounds of baking soda for every 10,000 gallons of pool water.

Part 3. How Do You Apply Baking Soda To Your Pool?

To ensure that baking soda will bring in the effects that you are expecting, you have to make sure that the application is properly executed. To add baking soda to your pool, you have to:

  • Determine the pool size to figure out how much baking soda are you going to use. The rule of thumb that you have to consider is to start adding 1.5 pounds of baking soda to every 10,000 gallons of pool water.
  • Start testing the pH as well as the level of total alkalinity of your pool water, and in case the level of the pH is, lower than 7.2, baking soda must be added to be able to raise pH levels.
  • To start adding baking soda, you have to get a bucket and then fill it with water to make sure that it is well dissolved before adding it to the pool. This will also help in the prevention of the possible settling down of undissolved baking soda in your pool water.
  • Once you have made sure that the baking soda has been dissolved, slowly pour it into your pool. You have to add the baking soda little by little and make sure that it is well distributed to the whole perimeter of your pool. As we all know, baking soda will increase the pH level of the pool water, and it could also cause alkalinity levels to increase in case distribution around the perimeter is not properly executed.
  • Once you have added baking soda, get a test strip after a few hours and start checking the levels of the pH as well as the alkalinity. Also, the said period will be enough for the particles of the baking soda to be completely dissolved under the pool water.

After adding baking soda to your pools, there are also measures that you have to take note of, these are:

  • Before starting to shock your pool, you have to wait for 2 hours at the very least after you have added baking soda to it. This is to let the chemical dissolve properly and to also avoid any contrary reactions once you start shocking your pool.
  • It is very essential that you test the levels of your pH and alkalinity before shocking your pool. The pool’s pH must be in the range between 7.2 and 7.8, whilst the alkalinity levels must be in the range between 80 and 120 ppm. In case you tested it, and the levels are really low, you have to add baking soda to be able to make the level rise.

Swimming Pool Water Level

  • Once you are done shocking the pool, you have to wait for at least 24 hours before dipping into the pool once more. This is to allow the shock to be able to dissipate fully and to also let the pool attain a safe level before someone swims in.
  • It is needed to always check the chemical balance of the pool. You have to make sure that your pool is free from any debris and is also clean. Regular testing of the chemicals in the pool must also be done to make necessary adjustments as needed.
  • You also have to shock your pool regularly. When you shock your pool, you will add a high dose of chlorine to your pool water to be able to kill all the bacteria or algae that are present in your pools. When shocking your pool, you have to always check the label of the products that you are about to use.

PoolClever Pool Shock

Part 4. Identifying The Effects Of Adding Baking Soda To Your Pool?

Of course, adding baking soda to your pool will help you attain good results as long as you have followed the steps or procedures that we have shared in the previous part of the article, properly. These results are:

  • High levels of acid will result in corrosion. You will also notice your pool’s equipment to wear easily such as ladders, pool heaters, tiles, filters, and a lot more. Abrasions on the walls and floors of your pools may also be observed to be present because of high acidity. Once you have added pure baking soda to your pools, it will ensure balanced water chemistry which will prevent or lower corrosion as much as possible.
  • Adding baking soda to your pool water will improve clarity. It can also help to soften and stabilize it, which as a result will give bathers a smoother feeling of water against their skin. And this one calls for a better swimming experience we all want.
  • Once there is a strong dose of baking soda added to your pool water, algae infestation can be stopped and prevented. You can also use it as part of your maintenance being an effective spot treatment that will help you eliminate algae.

Part 5. Summary

You can proceed to shock your pool after adding baking soda to it, just make sure that you have read and understood everything that you have to consider before doing so. It is also a good thing to always read the labels of the chemicals before using them in your pools, and this also includes baking soda.

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